Why Mariel keeps working despite delicate pregnancy


Posted at Jul 08 2016 02:47 AM


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MANILA - Having suffered two miscarriages in a year, one can't help but urge television host Mariel Rodriguez to take a leave from work and rest to avoid any complications that may put her delicate pregnancy at risk.

In an interview following his press conference for a money transfer service, Rodriguez's husband, action star Robin Padilla, was again asked on the condition of his wife, and if she has any plans to take a break.

Padilla explained that it is actually the happiness Rodriguez feels when she is working that allows her to forget her tragic miscarriages and face her new pregnancy in a positive attitude.

"Si Mariel kasi, tandaan natin galing siya sa matinding depression," the action star replied. "Dalawang beses na miscarriages, isang single at isang triplets. Mabigat iyon."

Rodriguez first suffered a miscarriage in March last year. She then lost a triplets pregnancy six months later. For her third pregnancy, Rodriguez is undergoing a "painful" heparin treatment to boost her chances of giving birth.

"Kitang-kita yung aura niya, iba," said Padilla, as he expressed his gratitude towards ABS-CBN for giving his wife hosting stints on "It's Showtime" and the upcoming season of "Pinoy Big Brother."

"Doon ko napatunayan na ang makapagbibigay pala ulit ng ngiti sa asawa ko, iyong mga kapamilya niya," he added.

Padilla admitted that he still does not know the gender of their baby. "Kahit ano! Babae, lalaki, bakla, o tomboy --wala na sa aking issue diyan. Ang mahalaga ay normal. Ibig sabihin, wala siyang kapansanan," he shared.