How Luis Manzano handled parents' separation


Posted at Jul 07 2014 11:21 AM | Updated as of Jul 07 2014 07:21 PM

How Luis Manzano handled parents' separation 1
Luis Manzano and Vilma Santos. File Photo.

MANILA – Television host and actor Luis Manzano said he never questioned his parents, former celebrity couple Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos, on why they decided to split up.

Recalling his childhood, Luis told Bianca Gonzalez in an interview for her column on The Philippine Star that he was four years old when his parents separated.

“I’m a Vegas baby. I think I was made during their honeymoon in Las Vegas… Apparently I had a good conversation with them. They explained, ‘We can’t be together but we still love you, we are still going to be here for you.’ And I guess, I understood,” he said.

Despite his parents’ separation, Luis said he never felt neglected by his mom and dad.

“My mom and dad were always there for me, any school activity, even basketball games. Sometimes we want to believe that parents don’t break up and it will always be a happy home. No. Sh*t happens. Separating doesn’t mean you have to separate from the child; it is all about communication,” he said.

While he also treasures his relationship with his father, Luis admitted that he is more of a “mama’s boy.”

“I’m not a mama’s boy in the sense of asking permission for every little thing I do. I’m a mama’s boy in terms of how much I love and show affection to my mom,” he said.

Luis said he is very fortunate to have been raised in a “very loving family.”

“You know when boys hit a certain age, they are ashamed to be with their mom or hold their hand or kiss their mom? Ako hindi. My mom, my dad, we’re a very loving family…. My mom’s a best friend. We have that kind of relationship and that is something I will always brag about,” he said.

Luis is the only son of Manzano and Vilma. The TV host, however, has two other siblings with Manzano (Enzo and Addie), and another brother (Ryan) with Santos.