Jinri Park elated to start new life in Australia


Posted at Jul 06 2020 12:17 PM

MANILA – Former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Jinri Park opened up about her new life in Australia six months after she and her Filipino-Australian husband tied the knot.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Sunday, Park admitted her life took a 180-degree turn when she moved with her husband to Sydney.

Saying she didn’t initially know what she wanted to do, Park said: “I felt like I was back to zero, with not knowing what career path I’d want to take.”

Park said she didn’t feel like she still fit “in that glamorous life of being a model anymore, and wanted to move past it to something I would grow into. Maybe even spend the rest of my life doing.”


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After months of thinking and discussions with her family, Park said she got to choose something she thought would be a good match for her strengths and personality.

“I can’t tell you right now but will definitely update everyone once it starts! So for now, I need to earn my tuition fee to get a degree for that job I want in the future,” she said.

Currently, Park said she is working as a trainee waitress at a restaurant where she’s already met a number of Filipino guests.

“I was delighted how nice they were! If you ever meet me don’t be shy! It’s creepier if you just stare,” she said in jest.

According to Park, it brings her joy to be able to start anew and take responsibility for her future.

“These are exciting times, it’s never too late to start again. Don’t ever be afraid to do something new, to start from the bottom and build your way up again,” she said.

As a message to her supporters, she said: “Thank you to my followers who have been supportive even after I got married, moved to Australia and don’t work as a sexy model. I love you guys! Have the courage to start!”