WATCH: Kendra Kramer tears up after getting signed album from Nayeon of TWICE


Posted at Jul 05 2022 10:17 PM

Photo from Team Kramer's Facebook page
Photo from Team Kramer's Facebook page

MANILA – Aside from getting an expensive watch, Kendra Kramer received a special birthday gift that brought her to tears – an album signed by Nayeon of K-pop group TWICE. 

On the Facebook page of Team Kramer, Kendra teared up upon receiving the album with the signature of her personal “bias” in the popular girl group. 

“After doing a Reel and Collab for Nayeon, she gets sent a signed album! She's joyfully crying right now,” the video caption said. 


Kendra was visibly overwhelmed with the gift which now becomes the most special among all the K-pop albums she has collected.

“I dubbed the song 'No Problem' on my Instagram account. It's part of her solo album and I'm very happy because she's my bias in TWICE. I like her a lot,” she said. 

Doug and Chesca Kramer also gave their eldest daughter a luxury watch when she turned 13 years old.

In a vlog which the celebrity couple shared last Saturday, Doug can be seen giving a speech as to the importance of the watch they gave Kendra for her birthday.

“I think the most important thing is what Mommy and I and your siblings have shown you is how quality and quantity of time is so important,” Doug began.

“As a symbol of time – this is a little reminder of how precious you are and how precious time is. Your very first special watch,” he added.

Surprised by the gift, Kendra could not stop saying thank you to her parents for their present.