Sam Milby's ex Mari Jasmine admits relationship with female director


Posted at Jul 05 2018 11:45 AM


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MANILA – Model, TV host, and blogger Mari Jasmine dropped a bomb on Wednesday as she recalled her experience in last week’s Pride Month celebrations.

Sharing photos of her taking part in the festivities, Mari Jasmine revealed in an Instagram post that she is currently in a relationship with “Baka Bukas” director Samantha Lee.

It can be recalled that Mari Jasmine was previously in a relationship with Sam Milby. 

The actor first opened up about dating the TV host in 2016. In a TV interview last March, he admitted that they have already parted ways

“Pride is about celebrating love, equality, and owning your truth. So here’s mine: in the little time I’ve spent on this earth, I’ve had the privilege of being in love with both men and women,” Mari Jasmine said.

“My dream is to live in a world where I feel safe walking down the street holding my girlfriend’s hand,” she continued. “A world where I have the same fundamental human rights that I would be entitled to if I were in a straight, heteronormative relationship.”


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Mari Jasmine then gave words of encouragement to “those who are still questioning or figuring out” who they are.

“You are wonderful, worthy, and loved. Don’t let any person or institution let you think otherwise,” she said. “I stand by you and I will fight with you forever!”

Lee has also shared a photo with Mari Jasmine on her Instagram page. It simply had the caption: “Pride.”