Jinggoy's kids, Mo Twister in Twitter war


Posted at Jul 04 2014 06:49 PM | Updated as of Jul 05 2014 03:22 AM

Jinggoy's kids, Mo Twister in Twitter war 1
DJ Mo Twister and San Juan Councilor Jel Estrada. Composite image

MANILA - The children of Senator Jinggoy Estrada will not have controversial DJ Mo Twister criticizing one of their siblings or their father, who is currently detained in connection with the multibillion-peso pork barrel scam.

Mo Twister, whose real name is Mohan Gumatay, triggered the online feud when he tweeted early Friday asking whether Estrada's son, Jose Luis "Jolo" Ejercito, has a Twitter account so he can "cyber-bully him."

Showbiz newcomer Julian Emilio, another of Sen. Estrada's four children with wife Precy Vitug, called out Gumatay minutes after he tweeted about Jolo. "Be professional you douche," Julian told the DJ.

Apparently recognizing Julian to be one of Estrada's children, Gumatay responded: "The f****** irony from you. The 'profession' is to not steal. To help the less fortunate instead of making them lesser fortunate."

Gumatay also made fun of Julian for using the word "professional," noting they don't work together. The 18-year-old, in his last tweet addressing Gumatay, asked if the DJ "even [knows] the whole story."

Gumatay, however, was not finished yet. He identified Julian as the companion of Jolo in a viral photo taken inside what appears to be a private jet. The controversial photo was only a part of a blog post detailing Jolo's supposed "lavish lifestyle" in pictures.

The blog post, which also showed a photo of a diplomatic passport supposedly under Jolo's name, made the rounds online after Sen. Estrada's surrender and subsequent detention at the Philippine National Police Custodial Center last month.

Enter San Juan Councilor Janella "Jel" Ejercito.

Sen. Estrada's daughter took to her social media accounts to answer Gumatay, saying the DJ is already too old to be instigating fights on social media. Jel also ridiculed Gumatay for his supposed effort to get attention with his tweets.

In an Instagram post showing screenshots of Gumatay's tweets, Jel said: "Nakakaawa. Don't add salt to the wound. We sincerely pitied you when there was a 'leaked' video of you crying about Rhian Ramos having an abortion and you didn't hear anything from us.

"But I guess people like you do not deserve any amount of kindness because you think that being controversial in terms of being rude to other people makes you marketable. Now, we pity you even more."

Jel also told Gumatay never to call any of her brothers "bobo." Mentioning once again that the DJ is supposedly no longer popular, Jel added: "Kung mayroon [mang bobo], siguro ikaw na po yun dahil ginagamit mo ang laos mong kasikatan sa pamamagitan ng paninira sa ibang tao without even knowing the truth about anything at tuluyang naniniwala sa haka haka."

While no longer viewable on Instagram, the post was still visible on Jel's official Facebook page, as of writing. Jel's Twitter account, which she also used to answer Gumatay, likewise appears to have been deleted.

Although Jel's tweets are no longer accessible, screenshots of her exchange with Gumatay have made the rounds online.

Responding to Jel saying the focus of her Instagram post was Gumatay's "hostile behavior," the DJ mentioned Sen. Estrada and "the money he stole."

Gumatay added that Jel should "educate" her brother Jolo, referring once again to the viral photos of his lifestyle. "I know he's not a politician but that's the people's money on his feet," he said.

Jel responded: "Unjustified claims. No court has convicted him of any crimes. People post these types of photos everyday. People overly judge."

Gumatay then linked Jel to a page detailing Republic Act 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, noting that it also applies to her brothers.

"Are you really educating me?" Jel answered. "I didn't know you're a teacher. Haha! Good luck with your life, big mouth! God bless you."

Bringing up the 2007 plunder conviction and subsequent pardon of Sen. Estrada's father, former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, Gumatay quipped it "would be nice to have educated politicians."