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What Chris Pratt had to lose to play his 'The Terminal List' role

Yong Chavez | TFC News Hollywood

Posted at Jul 02 2022 03:03 PM

Chris Pratt at 'The Terminal List' premiere. Courtesy: Prime Video
Chris Pratt at the premiere of 'The Terminal List.' Courtesy: Prime Video “The Terminal List”

In 'The Terminal List,' Chris Pratt deviates from his usual comedic and superhero lead roles.

To play James Reece, a hardened Navy SEALs commander trying to uncover the truth behind the tragedy that fell upon the men who served under him, the actor had to lose parts of himself to give justice to the role.

"It's all about preparation and getting yourself prepared emotionally to be where you need to be on the day, having a good understanding of the arc of the character and ultimately, you know, relying a lot on on great direction from Antoine Fuqua, who early on helped me set the tone by removing various elements of my own personality to reveal the character," Pratt said.

"Part of the aspects of myself that I removed were like a certain affability. This innate sense that I have to want to please everybody. That's just who I am, but it's not who James Reece is so I was able to just remove that."

Chris Pratt with veterans at 'The Terminal List' premiere. Courtesy: Prime Video
Chris Pratt with veterans at the premiere of 'The Terminal List.' Courtesy: Prime Video “The Terminal List”

At the show's Hollywood premiere, the cast paid tribute to military veterans.

"To my or our understanding, that brotherhood is forged through something I don't think we can truly comprehend unless we went through it ourselves. And because of them, we don't have to. So we do our best to emulate that loyalty and that trust and that bond as best we can, infused with a little levity," Taylor Kitsch replied when asked what he learned of the kind of brotherhood that the special forces have.

Constance Wu at 'The Terminal List' premiere. Courtesy: Prime Video
Constance Wu at the premiere of 'The Terminal List.' Courtesy: Prime Video “The Terminal List”

Meanwhile, in joining 'The Terminal List,' Constance Wu tackled her first project after becoming a mom in real life. She plays a courageous journalist investigating Reece's story.

"You have to try many different tactics to establish trust. So you really have to learn how to read the room, I guess. And I think establishing trust is how you sort of uncover the truth which is my character's goal in life, really," the actress noted. "Some of the physical stuff in this show was kind of challenging for me as a kind of like a wimp. I'm not really that tough and strong, which is funny because the guys on this show had to do way more physical stuff than I did, yet I still struggled."

The new Amazon series is based on the best-selling novel by Jack Carr who drew from his own experiences in the military to tell the story.

"I knew I'd get the technical stuff, right as I was writing, but I didn't really realize how much of the feelings and emotions behind things that happened in Iraq and Afghanistan would find their way into a completely fictional narrative. So let's say my protagonist, my main character, he gets ambushed in Los Angeles. Well, I remember what it was like to be ambushed in Baghdad in 2006. And I take those feelings and emotions and I apply them to this totally fictional story," Carr said.

Chris Pratt and Riley Keough. Courtesy: Prime Video “The Terminal List”
Chris Pratt and Riley Keough in 'The Terminal List.' Courtesy: Prime Video “The Terminal List”

'The Terminal List' also stars JD Pardo, Riley Keough, and Jeanne Tripplehorn.

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