'No more pains': Maui Taylor's father passes away


Posted at Jul 02 2019 03:26 PM

MANILA -- Ricardo Taylor, the father of actress Maui Taylor, has passed away, the former Viva Hot Babe confirmed in an Instagram post over the weekend.


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"I would give anything to see you like this again. Thank you so much Dad. For all the memories, the advices, for molding me into the person I am today. I will miss you calling me and saying 'Maureen, I want Shakey's, Manager's Choice ha.' The hugs and the kisses everytime I leave your house. Ang daya mo, sabi mo sa 'kin 'Maureen, I will get better' while I was feeding you your fave lugaw in the ICU. But you just went on," she wrote in the caption.

"Everyday I miss you. I went to your house today, I usually go up to your room to say hi and ask how you are but today I know I didn’t have the courage to do that because I know I won't find you there to greet me with that big smile of yours. Rest well now Dad. No more pains."

In her other post, Maui shared that her father just waited for her to celebrate her birthday last Friday, June 28.


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"You were okay, you even smiled for me in this photo despite the pain and stress you were going through. We were just waiting for the big day tomorrow and we were gonna bring you home and let everything go back to normal. We even planned on bringing you to your fave place as soon as you recovered from bypass. I didn’t know this was gonna be the last photo of us together. Pinag-birthday mo lang ako then you just left," she wrote.

Maui did not give further details about her father's passing.