Rica Peralejo rushes son to hospital after accident


Posted at Jul 01 2020 11:16 AM

MANILA – Rica Peralejo rushed her son to the hospital after her little boy figured in an accident that left him bleeding profusely.

On Instagram, Peralejo shared in detail what happened after her son fell from where he was standing.

“To break it, the fall, he grabbed onto the oven and the stainless steel slit through the skin and flesh of his tiny little fingers (third and fourth). He was bleeding profusely and it was very disorienting to see that much blood gushing out from my son’s hand,” she said.

Peralejo said her son’s was gauzed up by the nurse at the hospital but it only took a while before the white mesh was covered with blood again.


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“When the lady was asking for his name, I could not remember it all. I was more unsure about his birthday. It was so hard to gather my thoughts and keep them all in one place,” she said.

At that time, Peralejo said all she could think of was how much she needed the hospital staff to see her son and treat him.

Peralejo said they were only able to back home after spending nine hours at the hospital.

“My baby is glued up and his parents were both grateful and shocked. It took me two days to get back to some sense of normal in my life. All I could do since Friday was hold my baby and cry from time to time,” she said.

As seen in the video she shared, Peralejo’s son “is back to normal.”

Peralejo is currently living in the United States with her husband and their two boys.