Frankie Pangilinan steps back from social media as mudslinging takes toll on family


Posted at Jul 01 2020 04:57 PM

Frankie Pangilinan's annoucnement came two days after her mother, Sharon Cuneta, broke down in tears during an Instagram live stream. YouTube: Sharon Cuneta Network/ Instagram: @reallysharoncuneta

MANILA — Young singer Frankie Pangilinan, whose fearless stance on political issues as well as rape culture has made her a visible figure online, announced on Wednesday she is stepping back temporarily from social media.

On Twitter, the primary platform which Frankie has used to engage with her followers, she wrote that she was "initially just going to take the break" without notifying them.

"But I figured I'd lyk (let you know) first in case my silence is odd," she said. "I'll be keeping my distance from social media as much as possible while still occasionally helping spread awareness for things that matter."

"Hope you understand and ilysm (I love you so much)."

Frankie's announcement came two days after her mother, music icon Sharon Cuneta, broke down in tears in an Instagram live stream as she revealed the emotional turmoil her family has endured in recent weeks.

Frankie, 19, is one of Cuneta's three children with opposition senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan. Cuneta has an older daughter, actress KC Concepcion, from her previous marriage.

Cuneta, in her live video, weeped as she lamented the personal attacks not only on Frankie but also her other children. In particular, she was hurt by those maliciously comparing Frankie with KC in terms of physical appearance.

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That's on top of the rape threat targeted at Frankie, which is now being investigated by authorities, ironically amid her #HijaAko campaign against rape culture in the Philippines.

The mudslinging, Cuneta said, had become so unbearable emotionally and mentally, that she has fallen ill, too, numerous times throwing up her meals.

During a portion of the live stream, Frankie was beside Cuneta and could be heard comforting her mother, although she was not in view.

"See how hard it is for me? See, my daughter is the one comforting me pa? Why are you so bad? Why do you do this to my children? Why?" she said.

"When I see Frankie's face, I just break down."