Why Gab Valenciano quit 'America's Got Talent'


Posted at Jul 01 2014 11:43 AM | Updated as of Jul 01 2014 07:43 PM

Why Gab Valenciano quit 'America's Got Talent' 1
Gab Valenciano

MANILA – Gab Valenciano, the son of veteran performer Gary Valenciano, has returned to the Philippines after he backed out of the hit reality talent search "America's Got Talent."

Speaking to ABS-CBN News’ Ginger Conejero last Friday, Valenciano said he quit the show because more “permanent opportunities” came his way, contrary to rumors that he supposedly got eliminated.

“Whenever people ask me, ‘Did you actually make it?’ I actually did pero 'yun nga, when we got deeper into it, me, my mom and my dad, we all talked about it and we all realized na parang in show business, especially in reality TV, parang you’re not reassured na you will make it unlike getting into a business where ito talaga 'yung ginawa ko. I love making music, I love making videos. I realized I want to do this for a living,” he said.

Valenciano said he had to choose between enjoying "a 30-second fame" or pursuing his passion.

“What I went there for is music production and video production. I had to choose if I wanted my 30 seconds of fame or if I wanted something that would last my whole career,” he said.

Elaborating further, the dancer said: “I am actually putting up my own media company which is going to be based in the States and basically it’s going to be all video and music content.”

Valenciano said he and his friends will be working together in this new venture.

“We are going to be a team of five people that are going to be shooting, recording – all of these things. It’s something na ito talaga yung pinuntahan ko sa States. I studied for it. I graduated already. So I’m really excited for that” he said.

According to the young Valenciano, he does not regret choosing this over “America’s Got Talent” because he knows this will be more beneficial to him in the long run.

“In the beginning parang I felt a little ‘Is this really what I want to do?’ Parang masaya if I do it. At the end of the day, I have to think long term. I went to the States for this reason. I’m not going to get distracted for something else. It would have been a great opportunity to be seen and exposed pero I have to think of my entire career in the US,” he said.

Meanwhile, Velanciano said another reason he returned to the Philippines is because he will join his father for the repeat of his concert "Arise."

“He has a repeat of ‘Arise’ so I’m back for that. Pero sabi ko maybe I’ll go back a little earlier kasi by the time I get back to the US, I’ll be working non-stop so might as well take advantage of the moment,” he said.