Kris Aquino reveals she and her 2 sons had COVID-19


Posted at Jun 30 2022 12:07 PM | Updated as of Jun 30 2022 11:11 PM

Kris Aquino shares photos of the physical toll of her autoimmune condition. Screenshot/Instagram: @krisaquino
Kris Aquino shares photos of the physical toll of her autoimmune condition. Screenshot/Instagram: @krisaquino

Kris Aquino turned to social media to write a lengthy letter addressed her late brother Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, who passed away one year ago.

Kris revealed that she is now in the United States where she has been receiving treatments for her auto-immune condition.

“I had to do this corticosteroid challenge which unfortunately caused me to have unbelievable body pain (yes even worse than my bone marrow aspiration when we found out I'm allergic to all forms of opioids),” she said, revealing that she was sedated from May 7 until May 11 because her pain was just so hard to endure.

It was only on June 5 when Kris had her first dose of the medicine she flew to the US for.

“I now understand Noy why you chose to keep your illness to yourself... my realization came because I do feel peace & since no info will be coming from me after this post - I'm closing 1 area of stress that I really don't want nor welcome. BUT I do want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all who have prayed for me to get better,” she said.

While her kidneys and liver are still functioning normally and she has no cancer genes, Kris said she continues to battle “multiple autoimmune syndrome.”

Furthermore, Kris revealed that she and her two sons, Joshua and Bimby, all contracted COVID-19 in the US.

“Kuya Josh tested positive for Covid on June 20 - nurse took his temperature then they got antigen kits, tested him 1st because he was so unlike himself - he was just lying down, on the sofa no energy to play or watch YouTube on his phone,” she said.

“I was in our room upstairs asleep. Nurse woke me up to tell me that kuya was positive. I honestly couldn't understand what she was trying to tell me. Until Bimb came to explain & he told me to please put on a mask. He helped me go downstairs, my instinct was to go & hug kuya but everyone told me I needed to leave immediately & move to a hotel with nurse & Bimb because I was severely immune compromised & being covid positive could mean ICU for me.”

Aquino said it was heartbreaking for her to leave Joshua because she felt like she was abandoning him in time of need.

Meanwhile, Kris also found out that she’s COVID-19 positive.

“By the 23rd mid-morning i asked Nurse Eloi to please check my temperature because I had chills & something was off. True enough I had fever. I said to please get the antigen test kit - nurse Eloi tried to remain calm but in less than 5 mins both red lines had appeared. Kuya was already at the same hotel so I told them to please take Bimb,” she said.

Her youngest son Bimby was also infected by the virus.

“I was exhausted & fell asleep. When I woke up & asked how was Bimb, Anne said for almost 7 hours he had just been asleep, mother's instinct kicked in. I said please do an antigen test on him... true enough less than 12 hours after me, Bimb was also Covid positive.”

Despite this, Kris felt reassured knowing that the three of them would get through COVID-19 “especially because you [Noynoy] would never allow us to have a death date so close to yours]."

Amid everything she’s going through, Kris said she wants the privacy her brother had when he was ill.

“But unlike you who was never active on social media, I need to say goodbye properly because so many have reached out to me, prayed for me & my sons and regardless of their political affiliation they have prayed for me to get better.”

Now that her followers know what she and her children must face in the next year and a half, Kris said she remains thankful for all the concern and prayers sent her way.

“During very difficult times, I want to just keep the suffering to myself with only family & trusted friends kept informed on a ‘need to know basis’ because everyone else is also going through their own personal trials - ang hirap ng buhay para sa marami, nakakahiyang maging pabigat pa ko.

“I know me, impossible na hindi ako umamin pag hirap na hirap na - so for now FOCUS tayo on ourselves... we all have problems, we all have worries, and we all have hardships.”

To end her post, Aquino said she looks forward to her “reunion” with her followers.