WATCH: Jessy reacts after being voted 'sexiest woman'


Posted at Jun 30 2016 04:30 PM

MANILA – Jessy Mendiola was at a loss for words when she learned that she is this year’s “sexiest woman” based on an online poll conducted by popular men’s magazine FHM.

The magazine's staff personally relayed the good news to the actress when they visited the Star Magic offices on Thursday.

“I’m overwhelmed. It’s a nice venue to send the message that everyone is sexy and if I can win this, if I’m hailed as the sexiest of FHM, lahat tayo puwedeng maging ganun,” she said.

Prior to the big reveal, Mendiola admitted she never imagined herself being included in FHM’s “sexiest woman” list.

“Hindi ko nakita ang sarili ko na mapasali sa ganun. I guess being part of that list is enough. Kumbaga, whether you’re in the top 3, or top 5, or kahit saang rank pa yan, it’s an honor. It’s nice that they get to see you as sexy,” she said.

For Mendiola, it is flattering that people nowadays define sexy in a different manner.

“Para sa akin, hindi lang siya about physical appearance. It’s about how you carry yourself, how you stand strong and firm with what you want to portray sa ibang tao, or what message you want to come across,” she said.

The actress believes people started voting for her after she wrote a lengthy post on Instagram about “loving yourself for what you are and who you are because I think that’s sexy.”

Watch the video below to see Mendiola’s reaction when she learned about the good news.