Ylona Garcia reveals struggles in chasing Hollywood dreams


Posted at Jun 29 2022 07:19 PM


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Former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Ylona Garcia got real about her struggles living in the US to chase after her dreams in Hollywood.

Garcia opened up about her journey in the past year in Los Angeles.

“After almost 12 months of being in LA, my determination, values, morals, ambitions, boundaries and resilience have been consistently tested in a way like nothing I've ever experienced before.” she said in a lengthy caption. 

“I flew half-way across the world for this very dream and I understand that nothing is ever easy, but what I find the most difficult right now is to face the people who believe in me.”

But she also realized that she has a platform that could help other young women like her trying to make it in Hollywood. 

“I have a fear of speaking up for myself, but in thinking about those who share the same dream as me and are looking up to me as a role model, I feel the need and sense of purpose to speak up so that no one will ever have to go through the feeling of being in a position to be scared to voice out how they feel. Your life is your own as much as my life is mine,” Garcia added.


A post shared by ylona. (@ylonagarcia)

Garcia also encouraged the public not to devalue their values, lose their morals, and make light of boundaries. 

“Hold on to your ambitions, grow your determination and be resilient about what you stand for. At times when it’s tough, I remember the people who are fighting with me and for me. So please continue to remember, I'm fighting with you and for you,” she said. 

Last week, Garcia showed a more vulnerable playful side to her with the release of her new song “Vibin.” 

The track has been described as a "perfect summertime slow jam that has a smooth and catchy hook, and a light, airy production matched with Garcia’s crisp vocals."

Garcia’s music is released by 88rising’s sister label Paradise Rising, which was launched in 2020 to help bring Filipino music to the forefront.