WATCH: Carlo Aquino surprises Angelica with hug, kiss


Posted at Jun 27 2018 01:57 PM

MANILA -- No one can blame fans of Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino if they are still hoping that the two would get back together.

This is especially true in light of their recent social media posts, where they are either sharing their sweet photos together, or capturing on video moments they spend with each other.

As if all their latest photos and videos are not yet enough to send their supporters abuzz, another sweet video of the two are making the rounds online again.

Originally uploaded on Instagram, the clip shows Panganiban fixing her hair in front of a mirror when Aquino suddenly hugged her and planted a kiss on her neck.

As expected, their supporters flooded the post with remarks of how Panganiban and Aquino look good together. Some even hoped for the two to end up with each other.

Panganiban and Aquino, a former couple in their teenage years, have recently re-connected after the end of their respective long-term relationships.

They have been spotted together frequently, fueling speculation that they've rekindled their romance. They are also gearing up for the reunion film, "Exes Baggage."