Erich thanks Kris for always taking care of her


Posted at Jun 26 2018 11:11 AM


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MANILA -- Erich Gonzales penned her sincerest thanks to Kris Aquino for treating her like family.

She told Aquino this after she was rushed to a hospital due to severe asthma.

Considering how busy Aquino was, Gonzales appreciated her gesture of putting off what she was supposed to do that day after receiving news that she was in the hospital.

“Ate Kris, you’re the busiest person I know and still you made time and so much effort to take care of me. Thanks to you, my family’s worries were lessened because you love and treat me as your own. Mama, ate and kuya, they’re beyond grateful to you for your kindness, generosity and most especially for rushing to my side in time of ill health to be my family,” Gonzales said.


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The “Blood Sisters” actress said all of Aquino’s love, effort and thoughtfulness made her healing process as comfortable as it could possibly be.

“Words aren’t enough, but you are truly the sweetest. I’m blessed to have you in my life. Thank you very much, ate Kris. I love you,” she said.

Aquino has been vocal about her love for Gonzales and also for Kim Chiu. She values the relationship that she has established with the two and for that, she would do anything for them.

In a previous interview, Aquino said: “I will fight and I will really make sure to do everything for Kim Chiu and Erich. Ganun ang pagmamahal ko sa dalawa. Sila pa ang concerned parati. Itong dalawang ito, may naitanim pala talaga ako with them.”