Star Hunt's Beaver Magtalas makes his film debut in 'Genius Teens'

Leah C. Salterio

Posted at Jun 25 2022 07:31 AM

Multi-faceted Beaver Magtalas wants to make a name for himself. Handout
Multi-faceted Beaver Magtalas wants to make a name for himself. Handout

MANILA -- Sixteen-year-old Beaver Magtalas is a multi-faceted talent bent on making a name for himself in local showbiz.

An artist of ABS-CBN Star Hunt, Magtalas is making his acting debut in the action, sci-fi fantasy film, “Genius Teens,” megged by Italian director Paolo Bertola, with Mario Alaman as writer and producer.

Magtalas also plays the guitar and the piano. He writes songs and sings a mean cover of Justin Bieber's “Favorite Girl.”

In “Genius Teens,” Magtalas plays one of the leads Hopper, a teenager who is capable of teleportation. The film will be streamed on KTX starting July 15, but will have a premiere at SM Megamall on June 25. 

Even when he was still a toddler, Magtalas had been eyed for TV commercials (TVCs). However, since his family resides in Nueva Ecija which is a good three to four hours away from Manila, Magtalas was not allowed by his parents to do TVCs.

“I’m very thankful to my parents that they did not force me to enter showbiz when I was younger,” Magtalas told ABS-CBN. “I was the one who decided when I felt it was really the time.

“I requested them to accompany me to audition for ‘Genius Teens.’ They had no idea I wanted to join showbiz.”

Magtalas, whose real name is Ernest Jejomar, is the eldest son of Alvin and Filipina Magtalas. His dad is the newly-elected councilor of Palayan City, Nueva Ecija.

Magtalas was taking a workshop under Star Magic when his friend egged him on to audition for “Genius Teens.”

“Nag-chat ‘yung friend ko kay Mommy and he told her there was an audition for this movie,” Magtalas shared.

The audition took three days since there were over 500 talents who tried their luck. Fortunately, Magtalas was among the 27 talents who passed the audition and were taken in for “Genius Teens.”

“I’m very thankful that I was one of the talents who were taken in,” Magtalas asserted. “We started shooting in 2019, before the pandemic.”

However, filming was halted when the virus made it impossible for people to normally move around. 

“So we were able to resume only this year and they completed post-production," he said. “It took us two years to finish. I really couldn’t go out before. Teenagers were not allowed. Only my parents were going out of the house. Finally, the movie is going to be shown.”

Magtalas cannot be thankful enough that “Genius Teens” is finally going to be shown. “Doing this film was very exciting for me,” he said. “I didn’t expect na magiging ganyan ang outcome ng film. It really exceeded my expectations.

“Getting into acting and improving my talents, the more fun it gets. I’m sure I want to stay long in this industry.”

Magtalas is an avowed fan of the KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) love team. “Si Kathryn po, taga-Nueva Ecija din sila, so kabayan po talaga,” he said. “Si Kuya Daniel, idol na idol ko siya talaga even in the songs that he sings.”

Admittedly, Belle Mariano, the other half of the DonBelle love team with Donny Pangilinan, is Magtalas’ celebrity crush.

Magtalas also wrapped up filming Julius Bergado’s “Tahanan ng mga Pangarap,” where he got the chance to work with veteran actress Deborah Sun.

In his future film projects, Magtalas is priming himself to do drama, action and romance genres. He also wants to delve into adventure.

“I love to do adventure, so those kinds of roles, I am excited to do,” Magtalas admitted. “I know I can do those kinds of roles.”

Majority of his fellow talents at ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt came from “Pinoy Big Brother,” a reality show where Magtalas earlier auditioned, but did not get past the final cut.

He took modelling and at present, Magtalas is improving on his dancing skills since he will do a lot of TV guestings to promote “Genius Teens.”

He penned a hugot song, “Sayang Lang,” about two people who fall out of love, as well as a previous composition, “The Town,” dedicated to his late sister.

“My older sister, she’s an angel now,” Magtalas revealed. “She passed on when she was more than one year old. Her favorite bike had Beaver in it and she would always point to it and say the name. So my connection, my parents nicknamed me Beaver so they will always remember her.”

'Magtalas is an incoming senior high school – Grade 12 – at the College of the Immaculate Conception in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. He plays basketball and volleyball. 

He is not one who will easily give up. When he auditioned for ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt back in 2017 in Cabanatuan, he only went past the second stage.

A few years later, when he learned there was another audition in Ilocos Norte, Magtalas’ enthusiasm was rekindled that’s why he convinced his supportive parents to accompany him.

Last year, Magtalas signed a three-year contract with ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt.