Mikhail Red, director of ‘Eerie’ and ‘Birdshot,’ poised for Hollywood


Posted at Jun 25 2019 08:02 PM


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MANILA — Mikhail Red, the filmmaker behind the acclaimed “Birdshot” and the recent horror blockbuster “Eerie,” is poised for Hollywood projects after having signed with a representative there.

Red, 27, is now represented by 3 Arts Entertainment for his US or English-language film projects, Inquirer.net reported. The group also represents the likes of Chris Evans, Robert Pattinson, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler.

“Mik is a prolific and gifted filmmaker,” the report quoted Red’s Hollywood agent Ari Lubet as saying. “I reached out to him after seeing the trailers for his films. But once I saw the feature films that he’s made, I was blown away by his powerful storytelling and visual aesthetic.”

Since his 2016 debut with “Birdshot,” the Philippines’ entry for Best Foreign Language Film in that year’s Academy Awards, Red has had no shortage of big-screen offerings with films like “Neomanila” and “Rekorder,” and the upcoming “Dead Kids” and “Block Z.”

“We are working on breaking Mik into the US market,” Lubet said. “I hope that Mik will continue to make powerful and engaging films that reach a worldwide audience.”

According to Red, in a separate interview with Inquirer.net, 3 Arts reached out to him as early as the release of “Birdshot.” Lubet, he said, then saw “Eerie” in Los Angeles, prompting the exchange that led to the deal getting inked.

Red could not disclose yet his upcoming projects with 3 Arts, but said that his agent has been very “helpful in securing opportunities for me to pitch and meet potential collaborators in the US.”

Currently, Red is juggling several projects. Aside from “Block Z” and “Dead Kids,” he is also working on an action-fantasy miniseries, a film about the Black Dahlia serial killer who escaped to Manila during martial law, and a sci-fi project set in Japan.