Marco Gallo thankful relatives in Italy did not catch COVID-19


Posted at Jun 24 2020 12:31 PM



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MANILA – Italy is one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic and Filipino-Italian actor Marco Gallo feels thankful that none of his relatives there caught the respiratory illness.

Gallo admitted this in an interview with PEP where he also shared his realizations while on lockdown.

"Anything can happen anytime and you should not joke with your time. You should be grateful and thankful for every single little thing you have," he said.

When asked what he’s been up to during the community quarantine, Gallo said: “What kept me busy was working out, gardening, working on my acting, doing some online business and working on my future.”

Aside from establishing a regular workout routine, Gallo said he also went on a fast which helped him lose weight.


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"It’s not just good for your looks but also for your health," he said.

As the world faces the new normal, Gallo said another thing that he’s learned is that every single second is not for free so people should “use every second of your life working hard or either doing something good for yourself or either for someone else.”

“I don’t know anymore what’s gonna happen in the next years of my life. But for sure, even if I won’t be ready for the next obstacles, I’ll get through with confidence, just like what I’m doing with this one,” he added.