KC Concepcion pays tribute to her two dads


Posted at Jun 22 2020 11:27 AM

MANILA -- KC Concepcion took to social media to pay tribute to her two dads -- Gabby Concepcion and Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan.

KC shared her special messages for her biological father, Gabby and her stepfather, Pangilinan on June 21, Father's Day.

In her post for Gabby, KC stressed that despite what happened in the past, they're both trying to catch up on lost time.

She even shared the advice she received from Gabby when she's heartbroken.


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"Our long, 3-hour talks over the phone are so special, he always keeps in touch and checks up on me and likes to spend time even when we are apart. I love all our Thai/Japanese dinners, or our kayak dates in the middle of the sea. We have always bonded over the ocean and telling stories over good fresh seafood," she said of Gabby.

"Papa is like a buddy to me, we are not just father and daughter but we are good friends, too. The past may not have been ideal nor perfect but what counts is what we do to makeup for lost time today, and in the future. We laugh about his YouTube vlogs, he gets passionate about brainstorming for mine (The KC Diaries), he constantly encourages me to work hard and believe in myself. When I am heartbroken, he says, 'As time stretches, people change. You will see the true character of the people around you and who will stay in your life as time stretches.' He’s right. And I’m glad that although I lost him once, he came back to my life and stayed," Concepcion wrote.

Meanwhile, KC once again expressed her appreciation to Pangilinan whom she said taught her how to be responsible. 


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"The one who completed my sense of family when he married my mother. He taught me about 'adulting' or mature things -- how to be responsible, and WOKE (I was 12 going on 13 when we officially became a family)," she said of Pangilinan.

"When we lived in Boston, he arranged our daily schedule and did everything for our family to function well even while mom, he and I were all studying at the same time! Dad in Harvard Kennedy school of government, mom in Boston College, and me in Beaver Country Day School. He not only brought me to my dental appointments, ice skating training, and to see my favorite musical bands, he also cheered the loudest at soccer games and skating competitions. At home, he taught me how to do household chores, assigned me my favorite chore which was doing the dishes, and taught me how to do the groceries, budget my money, maintain a diary, and also toughen up because 'life is hard and not always fair.' I’m forever thankful for the patience, discipline, support and order he put into our lives. I still remember how proud i was as a teen to finally have someone to call Dad," KC wrote.