Darren Espanto, Edward Barber consider their respective dads their first hero


Posted at Jun 21 2020 01:58 PM

MANILA – Darren Espanto and Edward Barber reflected on how fortunate they are to have their fathers in their lives, who they consider as their first hero.

Speaking on “I Feel U” on Sunday, the two Kapamilya stars told Toni Gonzaga one thing they each learned from their respective dads that they will never forget.

“One thing that really stuck with me na sinasabi po parati ng parents ko is to always stay humble and be kind to everyone, every person that you meet,” said Espanto.


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Barber, for his part, said that it is how his dad made him realize that love is sacrifice.

“What he sacrificed a lot was time with us in order to make sure that we had everything that we needed, that we go to school. He will always be away working, so that’s how I grew up,” he said.

“Dati nagreklamo ako na, ‘You’re never at home.’ And then I realized, especially when I went to PBB because that was the time that I went away from my family, that he was making a sacrifice not spending time with us so that we can have everything that we needed,” he added.

With Espanto saying he is grateful for how patient his dad is, Barber said he appreciates all the memories he and his dad have growing up.

But how will they describe their fathers to other people?

“Probably, the strongest man on earth not physically, but in terms of walking on hot coals, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulder by himself sometimes. Like at the moment, he’s by himself, he has been for months, of carrying the responsibility of the family, of carrying, dare I sa,y two medyo irresponsible kids sometimes. He’s probably the strongest guy in the world,” Barber said.


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“My dad is someone who I’d say is very loyal and trustworthy. He’s always there to lend an ear to anyone who needs him. He’s ready to make big sacrifices for his family. When we really talk heart to heart, it’s something that’s very special to me,” Espanto said.

The two also shared the quality of their own dads that they want to possess when they have their own children in the future.

“When I become a dad in the future, I want to have the same traits as my dad na kapag may problema, hindi siya nagpa-panic. Kalmado lang siya. And that’s one of the traits na hinahangaan ko kay daddy,” said Espanto.

“When I become a father, I’d probably wanna keep a lot of the traits that my dad has, but most specifically the thinking ahead,” Barber said.