Are they dating? Dionne Monsanto opens up about David Moffatt


Posted at Jun 19 2019 07:01 PM

MANILA — Actress Dionne Monsanto has clarified her relationship with singer David Moffatt, of the Canadian pop rock band The Moffats, a week after photos of them together at the beach stirred rumors of a budding romance.


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Speaking exclusively with PUSH, Monsanto said she and Moffatt have known each other for three years, and “we’ve been friends ever since.”

“It’s only now that people are thinking that we’re seeing each other in that way but we are not dating. We’re very good friends,” she said, pointing out that they had previously posted photos of each other on their respective social media accounts.

Referring to Moffatt as a “great guy,” Monsanto added that “there are people who are really just friends to you and for you.”

Moffatt happens to be also friends with Monsanto’s fellow “Pinoy Big Brother” alumni Geen-ann Abrahan and Mickey Perz, who are now married and have a child together.


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Moffatt’s extended stay in the Philippines recently, according to Monsanto, coincided with the June 13 birthday of the couple’s daughter, Raffy.

What’s more Monsanto and Moffatt are both in committed relationships. Monsanto’s boyfriend, Ryan, is Perz’s childhood best friend and is based in Switzerland.

“Dave knows Ryan and also 'yung jowa ni Dave kakilala ko rin, so buti na lang ‘yung mga jowa namin they’re not the jealous type,” she said.


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Recalling their respective partner’s reaction to rumors romantically linking her with Moffatt, Monsanto went on: “They were okay because they understand that it’s showbiz and what’s crazy also is of all the news that came out, no one dared to ask me personally, no one messaged me to confirm if we really were dating.”

Monsanto pointed out that she is “very happy” with Ryan, whom she has known for 12 years, since 2007. Their long-distance relationship has required frequent trips for Ryan to visit the Philippines, where he owns establishments.

For the first time, Monsanto will take her turn to visit Ryan in Switzerland in August in time for his birthday the following month.