'PBB': Vickie breaks down over estranged dad's surprise visit


Posted at Jun 20 2014 01:18 AM | Updated as of Jun 21 2014 12:14 AM

MANILA - "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate Vickie Rushton broke down in tears over the surprise visit of her father, Eric, who left her and her mother without explanation when she was in Grade 2.

The emotional reunion was shown in the June 19 episode of the reality show, which also featured a visit from Vickie's boyfriend, actor Jason Abalos, who handed her an 18-page letter from her father she had left unread for years.

In earlier episodes, Vickie recalled that she came home from school one day with her father no longer there. She admitted getting angry with him, as he never explained to her why he left.

When she was in fourth year college, Vickie said she received the letter from her father, which was meant to tell her the reason why he and her mother separated. However, out of fear that her good memories with them might be tarnished, Vickie only ever read the first few pages of the letter and decided to keep it away until she is ready.

Jason and Eric's separate visits to Vickie happened during the housemate's weekly task -- to stay perfectly still at specified moments, with only three chances for error throughout the week.

Vickie, 21, committed the first error when she hugged Jason back when he handed her Eric's letter. In the confession room, Jason turned emotional over Vickie's estrangement from her father, which he said has been a baggage for Vickie for the most part of her life.

When it was Eric's turn to approach her, Vickie cried instantly but tried to keep completely still, or risk committing another error in the weekly task. Eric hugged and kissed his daughter several times and assured her of his love, despite being absent from her life for many years.

Eric confessed to Big Brother that he regrets leaving Vickie, but added that he is happy with how his daughter has apparently grown up a beautiful and decent woman.

By the end of the episode, Vickie had yet to decide whether she will open the letter.

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