WATCH: Jodi in hilarious 'makeup tutorial' to achieve 'Clarita' look


Posted at Jun 18 2019 12:59 AM | Updated as of Jun 18 2019 01:01 AM

The possessed appearance of Jodi Sta. Maria’s titular character in ‘Clarita’ involved staining her teeth. YouTube: Black Sheep

MANILA — Acting possessed is one thing, but looking convincingly possessed is an entirely different matter, as demonstrated by “Clarita” star Jodi Sta. Maria in a “makeup tutorial” to achieve her emaciated, “sapi” appearance in the horror film.

In her so-called “Clarita Chic” vlog released on Sunday, Sta. Maria, with co-star Alyssa Muhlach, gave a glimpse of the makeup process involved in making the titular character appear possessed in the Derick Cabrido film.

Inspired by a true event, Black Sheep production follows the possession of Clarita Villanueva, said to be the first-ever recorded such case in the country in the 1950s.

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Sta. Maria was assisted by a member of the prosthetic’s team, Rem, who explained that Clarita’s possessed appearance had three different stages.

The first stage, as seen in the vlog, involved making Sta. Maria look gaunt and severely lacking in sleep, as well as staining her teeth.

What was not seen in the “makeup tutorial,” however, was the advanced state of Clarita’s possession, which entailed several more layers of makeup and prosthetics not only on her face, but her entire body.

“Clarita” hit cinemas nationwide last Wednesday.

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