'A Love to Last': Andeng, Anton exchange wedding vows


Posted at Jun 16 2017 10:56 PM

Well, we got to the altar in the end, and what fun we had seeing Andeng (Bea Alonzo) and Anton (Ian Veneracion) shake off their pre-wedding jitters and promise each other to make their love last. 

If there was ever any doubt left as to whether Anton, who's afraid that any relationship he tries to get into is bound for doom and gloom, would push through with the wedding, those signs failed to make it past the guest list.

He made this clear in his vows, telling Andeng: "If there's one thing that history taught me, it's this: love needs work and I promise to work to love you every day, for all the days of my life." 

He also quipped: "And I told myself that this is the last time that I'm going to get married, I swear! I'm so blessed to be the only person in this world that gets to love you. You are my forever. And I'm so happy that my forever starts now." 

Andeng cut a determined figure despite the gravity of the decision she is about to make. "Even if you fall, moreso when you fail, sasaluhin kita kahit na bumigat ka pa o hindi mo na kayang lumakad," she said. 

"Salamat kasi pinakita mo sa akin na mayroon pa lang pagmamahal na tama, na mayroon pa lang pagmamahal na sapat na, na mayroon pa lang pagmamahal na kayang maghilom ng mga sugat, na hindi ko pala kailangan mag-settle sa kulang." 

So many things happened between them that sometimes each episode felt like the series religiously crossing out a checklist of battle-tested clichéd roadblocks they had laid out from the start. Problems with exes? Check. Problems with confusing relationship labels? Check. Problem with their huge age gap? Check. 

But surprisingly, it doesn't make this high point of their journey to forever any less sincere. When Anton had tears in his eyes as Andeng walked towards him down the aisle, it felt genuine. You just can't help but root for this couple to have a smooth road towards happiness. 

But that won't make for very exciting TV, though. Which makes the priest's speech all the more foreboding. He challenges both of them to remember the love they have right now whenever life or circumstances get in the way. 

At this point, viewers are reminded that the wedding scene is just the middle point for "A Love to Last," that the best and the worst days of Andeng and Anton's life are yet to happen. Stay tuned. 

"A Love to Last" is directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng, Richard I. Arellano, Frasco Mortiz, and Rory B. Quintos. 

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