Niall Horan, Anne-Marie exclusively tell MYX the story behind 'Our Song'


Posted at Jun 15 2021 11:08 AM


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Niall Horan and Anne-Marie teamed up for the first time for a track called “Our Song” which has been taking various music platforms by storm since it was first released.

In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN’s music channel MYX, the two singers shared how the collaboration came about.

“We’ve known each other for quite a while and lately, when I was asked who I’d like to collaborate with, Niall would just come into my head. I think Niall heard me say that on the radio. He messaged me, ‘Let’s get in the studio.’ I was like, yeah absolutely,” Anne-Marie said.

However, she admitted feeling anxious about it because she had not been in a studio since the beginning of the pandemic. Anne-Marie said she was also a bit nervous because she and Horan had not yet worked before.

Her apprehensions, however, turned out to be unfounded because everything was seamlessly done.

“I was right there and I just had this thought in my head about what we could write about, got to the studio, met everyone there and then it just literally came [in a snap]. It was so easy. Niall just played the guitar straight away, like the most perfect riff ever. We hit it off,” she said.

Anne-Marie said she felt comfortable an happy that her first session back was with the team she and Horan worked with.

Horan, for his part, said he’s always liked Anne-Marie’s distinct voice.

“I think when you hear a voice on the radio that stands out from everyone else, one of those really unique tones that make you perch your ears up, not many people have that effect. Anne Marie, Ellie Goulding, Ed [Sheeran], Adam Levine, Billie Eilish probably – you know the tones you hear and you can tell who it is right away. With Anne Marie, everyone knows her tone. I’ve always been blown away so I just looking for a way to get into the studio,” he said.

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Talking about the meaning of the track, Anne-Marie said: “It’s about having that one song with your ex or someone in the past that was like your song together. I swear, every relationship, every friendship has a song that I can say, ‘That’s our song.’”

“I’d said this to Niall. ‘What about this?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, everyone’s got that.’ They have got that one song that’s so relatable. That’s it. We started writing right away,” she added.

According to Horan, he had fun working with Anne-Marie because they have very different types of music.

“We have two very different styles and you can hear that in the song. At the start of the song, it sounds like my type of song. That’s how the song started. And then she starts singing and you hear her melody and some of my melody are there too. In the chorus, the drums kind of sound like Anne-Marie and also a little bit of mine. So it’s a nice mix,” he said.

Aside from “Our Song,” Horan and Anne-Marie also co-wrote two other songs although they have yet to finish the third one.

On when their fans could expect their second collaboration, Horan said: “We haven’t really decided if we’re putting it out yet.”

Anne-Marie, nonetheless, teased that it is very different from the vibe of “Our Song.”

“We recorded it at the same time. On 'Our Song,' I’d go up on the mic, record my verse and vice versa. On this song, we both stood at the microphone and recorded it live both at the same time. I‘ve never experienced anything like it. It was brilliant,” she said.

To end the interview, both singers shared their message to their avid Filipino fans.

“We can’t wait to see you. I’ve just missed being there so much, actually seeing you, hugging you. Hopefully very soon, we’ll be able to travel and we’ll be there and we’ll sing to you,” Anne-Marie said.

“I love the Philippines. I’ve been there on holidays and everything. I love it. I’m looking forward to coming back. I love the people,” Horan added.