Alexandra Trese is supposed to be ‘cold and unemotional,’ according to creator


Posted at Jun 15 2021 08:17 PM | Updated as of Jun 15 2021 09:44 PM

Alexandra Trese is supposed to be ‘cold and unemotional,’ according to creator 1
Shay Mitchell and Liza Soberano are the English and Filipino voice actresses of ‘Trese,’ respectively. Netflix Philippines

MANILA — Alexandra Trese, the lead character in the hit Netflix animated series “Trese,” is supposed to be “cold and unemotional,” its showrunner said as he spoke on the topic of casting voice actors.

Kapamilya star Liza Soberano is the voice of Trese in the Filipino dub, while Hollywood actress Shay Mitchell is her English counterpart.

Jay Oliva, the showrunner of “Trese,” said on Tuesday that when he cast the title role, he spoke with graphic novel creator Budjette Tan “about how he envisioned the character.”

“He basically said that she’s like Batman/Bruce Wayne. She’s cold and unemotional at times because of all the things she’s experienced in life,” Oliva wrote on Twitter.

“I’ve cast A LOT of Batman/Bruce Wayne’s in my career so I know a thing or two about tortured souls who persevere to do right and defend those who cannot defend themselves,” he added.

Oliva then lauded both Soberano and Mitchell for bringing “unique performances that [were] better than I could have imagined.”

Addressing fans of “Trese,” he said: “So whether you like one more than the other or if you like them both, I think the thing to celebrate the most is that we have brought Filipino mythology and lore to the world and world is responding by how much they love it!”

“Thank you Philippines, your support made this happen.”

Oliva’s tweets about the voice casting of Trese came amid mixed feedback about Soberano’s performance, with some fans observing her delivery of many lines sounded “emotion-less.”

In his statement, the producer also praised the other foreign-language actors of "Trese" — the series is also dubbed in Spanish and Japanese, so far — describing them as “pretty dang awesome too.”

“Watching it in the other languages I actually forgot I worked on the show and it felt so new and fresh! [The] Netflix dubbing team did an incredible job!” he said.