‘Idol Philippines’: Group of rock singers advances after nailing ‘Iris’ cover


Posted at Jun 15 2019 10:40 PM

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Before stepping onto the stage, as part of the nerve-wracking theater rounds of "Idol Philippines," Roque Belino's groupmates pointed out that he lacked emotion while singing. 

But even he himself, who has admitted that he needed to work on his facial expressions more, could not resist flashing a wide smile when it was revealed that he'll be moving on to the next round of the contest. 

He, along with Carlo Bautista, Renwick Benito, and Trix Corpez, sang a cover of Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris" for the judges. 

Apparently impressed, the judges talked amongst themselves about the singers who stepped up from those who failed to live up to their expectations. But the latter part did not matter in the end as the judges were still very much happy with the performance. 

At first they made it appear like Belino was about to be cut, splitting him from the rest of the group. 

Though when he was about to hug his groupmates goodbye, the judges told him not to. 

Hosted by Billy Crawford, "Idol Philippines" airs Saturdays after "Home Sweetie Home" and Sundays after "Wansapanataym."