Mariel rushes herself to hospital, takes leave from 'Showtime'


Posted at Jun 15 2016 11:37 AM | Updated as of Jun 15 2016 08:30 PM

MANILA – Mariel Rodriguez revealed that she had to rush herself to the hospital on Tuesday after she felt pain in her abdomen.

Rodriguez, who is currently pregnant, thought “it could be gas, UTI or worse contractions.”

Fortunately, the doctors told her that the pain she’s feeling is just her baby being playful inside her womb.

“It was the baby's movements I was feeling!!!! I was so paranoid maybe because people kept saying don't travel bla bla, don't eat this don’t drink that, too much negativity,” she said through a lengthy post on Facebook.


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“Truth is I won't do anything that would harm my baby and I'm not going to let comments affect me anymore,” she continued.

Instead of unsolicited advice, Rodriguez said she would rather have people pray for her safe pregnancy.

Rodriguez then hinted that she will be taking some time off from “It’s Showtime” temporarily as she was advised to rest.

“I was so relieved to hear my baby's heartbeat again. So far my baby is doing good but I just have to rest this out. Thank you to my ‘Showtime’ family for being so understanding and supportive,” she said.

Rodriguez also assured her followers that there is nothing to worry about as she and her baby are “doing fabulous.”

“When I heard my baby's heartbeat again all the ‘pain’ was gone. It's all in my head (oops). Will relax now and enjoy my pregnancy and pray for a healthy baby!!!” she said. “Got a strong baby here... just like daddy.”

Rodriguez, who suffered two miscarriages last year, is the wife of action star Robin Padilla.