How Hyun Bin feels about being famous in the Philippines


Posted at Jun 14 2020 05:51 PM

MANILA – South Korean actor Hyun Bin turned candid as he admitted how surprised he was when he learned about the international success of the his series “Crash Landing on You” (CLOY) with Son Ye-jin.

Hyun Bin talked about this during his first Philippine media exclusive interview with Metro Style.

According to Hyun Bin, all the roles that he’s played were special to him in different ways but there’s just something about Captain Ri from “CLOY” that stands out.

“The role of Ri Jeong-hyeok in ‘Crash Landing on You’ had more warmth and innocence compared to the other roles that I have acted. So I think it was a bit more special in terms of expressing the role,” he said.

When asked to give reasons why he enjoys working with Ye-jin, he began by narrating how they got along so well when they did the movie “The Negotiation.”

“After filming the movie ‘The Negotiation’ with Ms. Ye-jin in the past, I think a lot of fans know it since I had an interview before. I mentioned that it would be great if I would be filming with her again in a different genre like romantic comedy or melodrama,” he said.

When they were finally shooting “CLOY,” Hyun Bin said he admired Ye-jin’s passion for acting and that stimulated him to do better at what he does.

“Based on my observation as an actor, she had a huge passion for acting. She was also an actress who had the interpretation and various ideas about the scenes. That was somehow astonishing to me as an actor,” he said.

He also mentioned that their phenomenal series “was done with great synchronization of our act without any issues.”

Is he comfortable with the idea of being famous not just in his own countries too like the Philippines?

“I thank them for their attention and if there will be an opportunity and time, I hope to have a chance to meet and communicate with the fans up close,” he said.

Hyun Bin’s Philippine visit, however, would have to wait as the world is still battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharing his hopes during this trying time, Hyun Bin said: “I hope these anxieties will be gone soon, and I think COVID-19 was a momentum that gave the preciousness of daily life. I just hope to go back to the daily lives that were comfortable.”

Watch Hyun Bin’s full interview below.

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