Why Sofia Andres is no longer visible on TV


Posted at Jun 13 2018 06:00 PM


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Following the intrigue surrounding her sudden departure from "Bagani," Sofia Andres become less and less visible on television, prompting speculation among her fans as to her standing in showbiz.

The actress is aware that her absence has triggered questions, going by her tweets Tuesday addressing her fans. Andres shared that while she has gotten offers, she has decided to "lie low" from showbiz for now.

She wrote, unedited: "okay so i think many of you are looking for me on screen. i have decided to lie low for a month. it’s good to be focusing, & loving yourself when you know you are slowly losing yourself from pushing it too hard. i learned a lot of things, to appreciate more, to be more positive.

"i have declined blessings that was offered to me because i think i’m not ready yet, i’m not ready to give my all yet but hopefully soon. i’m really trying my best. thank you for those who have been so supportive and for those who never give up w their anxiety."

In May, Andres revealed she has been battling anxiety and had sought help from a therapist at one point. That episode followed numerous reports that Andres had supposedly earned the ire of some members of the press, over her "disinterested" and "detached" demeanor when facing the media.

She apologized for what she referred to as a distant stance, which she said developed as her defense mechanism after being bullied in her younger years.

In her series of tweets Tuesday, Andres continued: "i can't wait for the time to love again, to love something, to love someone without worrying, & without overthinking. i wish i could stop everything all the negative thoughts but we are not our anxiety. we are strong, we are fine."