'Promise' by BTS' Jimin sets record for most streamed song on SoundCloud

Anna Gabrielle Cerezo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jun 12 2021 04:34 PM

BTS is making history on nearly every platform their music is available on. 

On Saturday, the South Korean act's lead vocalist Jimin set the record for the most-streamed song on SoundCloud after his December 2018 solo song "Promise" surpassed 275 million plays. 

The evocative pop ballad, which features tender acoustics that highlight Jimin's one-of-a-kind vocals, is among the most intimate and personal songs the Bangtan boys uploaded on SoundCloud.

"Promise" was co-composed by the singer along with Slow Rabbit, who also arranged the uplifting piece. Meanwhile, the artist had help from BTS leader RM in writing the reflective lyrics. 

While the song features a comforting sound, Jimin explained in a 2019 V-Live with ARMY that it was originally meant to be a song where he "scolds himself" for his flaws. 

“If you listen to the song, I use the word 'you' a lot. 'You' actually means 'me.' Because this was originally a song that I wanted to write to myself. Changing 'me' to 'you' I think was the most significant change Namjoon did," he explained.

"I was feeling so down and my mindset was dim. So I was fixated on dark songs. When you look at the lyrics, they could almost be seen as bad words," he added. 

When Jimin overcame his "dark feelings," however, he decided to transform the track into a song that will remind himself as well as ARMYs, to be kinder to themselves.

"I thought let us make a resolution and a promise, even if life brings a difficult situation, let us not make ourselves miserable. I thought, I will not insult myself," he enthused.

Jimin continued: "I hope that lots of people would hear the song and that it would comfort them as well." 

The track, which Jimin dropped unannounced as a year-end gift for fans, also holds the title for the biggest 24-hours debut on the platform after clinching 8.5 million plays on its first day. 

"Promise" was Jimin's first stand-alone material outside BTS' official discography. 

"Lie," "Intro: Serendipity," "Serendipity (Full-length)," and "Filter," on the other hand, are solo tracks Jimin performed for the septet's albums.