'Plastik, pakitang tao'? Gretchen Barretto fights back with candid revelation


Posted at Jun 12 2018 07:18 PM

MANILA -- "What will I gain from being plastic?" 

This was Gretchen Barretto's question to a follower who criticized her over her social media charity drive, which recently became the subject of headlines following a viral video showing the actress laughing while reading a letter sender's request.

Barretto, 48, even took a screenshot Monday of the follower's comment calling her "plastic" and "pakitang tao," and in its caption wrote a response that included an explanation as to why she wouldn't benefit from putting on a charitable image.

Her answer turned out to be a candid revelation — as to the reason why she hasn't been seen on television or the big screen since 2014's "The Trial."

"I have retired from show business, I am not into politics. I do not need your approval," she said.

Barretto continued: "Move on ... Get a life. You are projecting your anger and bitterness towards me. Be productive, work and earn a living and help others before you waste precious time on me (someone you don't know personally). Peace, love and light. If you think you can bully me by posting nasty comments, this one's for you. Bring it on... I'm ready for you."

The socialite's fierce stance was evident in her recent Instagram broadcast, where she addressed head on those who referred to her as a "kabit" or mistress. Her direct answer: "Opo, kabit po ako ni Tonyboy Cojuangco. I never denied it."