Ex-'PBB' housemate seeks prayers for baby


Posted at Jun 12 2017 09:20 PM

MANILA -- Two days after giving birth to her first child, former "Pinoy Big Brother Season 2" housemate Wendy Valdez is seeking prayers through social media as her son undergoes surgery. 

According to Valdez, the doctors found a cyst at the bottom of the baby's spine during an ultrasound. 

"When God promised to give us children, I thought we will have twins at once, instead we had only Seth. We were so excited, but in just 4 months, our excitement turned into pain when instead of knowing his gender, we saw that our child has cyst at the bottom of his spine," she shared. 

Valdez said the doctors are worried that the cyst may affect the baby's bladder, bowel movement, and may even prevent him from walking. It is, thus, recommended that he undergoes operation immediately after birth. 

On Monday, Valdez's baby underwent surgery to remove the cyst. According to the physician, the operation went well and the baby should start recovering. Despite this, Valdez is asking her followers to continue praying. 

"Thank God for our spiritual family who prayed with us, and for everyone of you who prayed with us. We are grateful," she added. 

In 2016, the 34-year-old Valdez admitted that she suffered from miscarriage. At that time, she also drew strength from prayers.