WATCH: Agsunta covers ‘Amatz’ with Shanti Dope


Posted at Jun 08 2019 05:25 PM

WATCH: Agsunta covers ‘Amatz’ with Shanti Dope 1
Agsunta invited Shanti Dope to do a new version of the young rapper's controversial song, "Amatz." Agsunta

Despite the debate about whether its lyrics promote marijuana or not, popular cover band Agsunta decided to pick "Amatz" as the first song they'll do a cover of since signing back online

"Amatz" was penned by young rapper Shanti Dope, and it has attracted criticism from the government over suggestions that it encourages the use of illegal drugs. 

The camp of Shanti Dope has since clarified that they wanted to convey the opposite, receiving support from other local artists who called the move to ban the song as an attack on "artistic freedom." 

Agsunta invited Shanti Dope for the new version. Check it out below: 

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This is Agsunta's first cover after returning from a months-long break, during which they took down their collection of covers online. They described their move as them "signing off." 

They announced their comeback around two weeks ago, playing a new version of their original song, "Bagong Umaga."