Is Coleen ready to be Daniel Padilla's stepsister?


Posted at Jun 06 2016 09:32 PM


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MANILA -- Young actress Coleen Garcia approves of her father's alleged interest in TV host Karla Estrada whom he recently "dated" during the premiere of "Love Me Tomorrow."

At a recent blogger’s conference, the 23-year-old Garcia said "it's about time" her father finds someone to love since he has been single for a long time now.

"My dad has been single since I was 9, and I’m already turning 24 this year," she noted.

According to Garcia, she approves of Estrada as long as his father is happy.

“I just want my dad to be happy and Tita Karla also deserves to be happy,” she said.


A photo posted by Coleen Garcia 💋 (@coleengarcia) on

But when asked if she is ready to be Daniel Padilla's stepsister, she said: "It's so weird, it's so strange pero okay naman. Tanggap ko naman if ever."

[WATCH: What happened during Karla's 'date' with Coleen's dad.

Garcia's father asked the 39-year-old Estrada to join him at the premiere of the Star Cinema movie when he guested at the morning talk show "Magandang Buhay," where Estrada is one of the hosts.