Jennylyn's mom rebukes daughter's claims


Posted at Jun 06 2011 09:06 PM | Updated as of Jun 07 2011 03:36 PM

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) - Actress Jennylyn Mercado’s biological mom sat down with ABS-CBN to set the record straight following her daughter’s no-holds-barred interview with a celebrity magazine that put her in a bad light.

Jennylyn's mom rebukes daughter's claims 1Jinkee, who refused to show her face in front of the camera to protect the privacy of her family, said she felt that it was time for her to speak and tell the truth after reading her interview. 

She admitted that she is disappointed and angry as she accused Jennylyn and Lydia Mercado, her adoptive mom, of  “making a lot of money out of my reputation.”

"I have been quiet for so many years. Letting them get away with so much indignity towards me. I had enough," she said. "My question is why now… I have been quiet and in fact I have been friends with Jenny. Since January to May, we had a lot of communications. My question is, why now?"

In the interview, Jennylyn claimed that she was brought up by Lydia after her biological parents abandoned her when she was just 6 months old. 

Jinkee left Jennylyn in the Philippines when the actress was still young. Jinkee's  first job in Dubai was in sales, and she became a business development manager of a big company. The actress’ father, musician Nolie Pineda, left them when Jinkee got pregnant.

But Jinkee vehemently denied abandoning her child. She said that while she might with her daughter, she nonetheless sent her money to support her financially.

Contrary to what Jennylyn said in the interview, Jinkee said she and Pineda were never married.

As for Jennylyn's claim that she was physically abused by her supposed stepfather, Jinkee denied the existence of the stepfather.

"You have to find this guy. I want to meet this man,” she said.

She said she has been married to one man only and that is her British husband of 17 years. She said Jennylyn even met him in 1999.

She added that she was not aware of any physical abuse that the actress had endured when she was a child. 

She also blasted Lydia because she “would not let me communicate with Jennylyn despite the fact that I sent them money.”

Jinkee also denied reports that Lydia is her cousin. “We are not related,” she said. 

Jennylyn's mom rebukes daughter's claims 2Jennylyn’s adoption is also not official, she said. “There’s no agreement between me and Lydia… Walang adoption paper, it doesn’t exist at all.”

“I don’t really now what she’s looking for and what she’s talking about. Why can’t Jennylyn ask [her father] Nolie. Tanungin niya tatay niya, tanungin niya si Nolie kung paano nangyari ang lahat nang ito becase she can’t just put the blame on me,” she said.

Unbecoming of a mother?

When sought for reaction, the actress’ talent manager, Becky Aguila, sent this statement to ABS-CBN News via text message:

“It was unfortunate to watch a mom trying to defend herself by going against her daughter's revelation in YES magazine. When I deal with my artist, I not only interact with them as a manager but also as a mother, and I felt Jen's pain, sorrow and disappointment upon learning about her biological mom's interview in the Buzz.

“What is most upsetting is that she turned her back on the camera. She didn't want to show her face. What a cowardly act because if you’re really speaking the truth, she should have shown herself in public since she had the guts to tell her side of the story.

“She denied knowledge of her daughter’s battery and her past lover who abused her daughter and left her not just physical pain but trauma to her young mind.

“Whatever reason she had, it was a selfish act. So unbecoming of a mother and until now she showed to everyone what kind of a mother she is.  She doesn’t deserve a daughter like Jennylyn. At the end of the day, she's the mother and she should know better.” - report from Rachel Salinel, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau; with report from The Buzz