'You have caused me so much sadness': Heart responds to being called 'out-of-touch privileged'


Posted at Jun 05 2020 06:26 PM

'You have caused me so much sadness': Heart responds to being called 'out-of-touch privileged' 1
Actress Heart Evangelista. Instagram: @iamhearte

MANILA — Heart Evangelista on Friday responded to a viral tweet criticizing her for supposedly being "out of touch" amid the coronavirus crisis, in light of the actress' Instagram post about fashionable personal protective gear with the hashtag #TheNewNormalwithLoveMarie.

"Your hashtag and posts are so problematic," a certain Pilar Recto commented on Evangelista's Instagram photo. "The 'new normal' our country is facing is not your normal."

"Wake up, Heart. You have the platform, power, and position to do something relevant and different for people. Your clothes, coiffed hair, and expensive jewelries don't reflect the realities of what we're all facing right now. It's distasteful and out of touch," she wrote.

"And I certainly hope you don't intend to keep these as your 'new normal.' Wake up!"

A screenshot of the comment, which was shared by the same follower on Twitter, made the rounds online on Thursday. As of writing, it already had over 18,000 likes.

Responding to the comment, Evangelista tweeted early Friday: "You have caused me so much sadness. I honesty don't know what to do about myself. Two days you've been at it. I express myself through my art and fashion. I have not done anything wrong. Using my image to create hate is wrong... Still I will wish you well. God bless."

Evangelista, whose family owns a chain of restaurants and who is married to former senator and incumbent Sorsogon Gov. Chiz Escudero, has been open about her penchant for luxury brands. Specifically, she is known to have a wide-ranging collection of Hermes items.

She has been dubbed by Harper's Bazaar as a real-life "crazy rich Asian," after the bestselling book by Kevin Kwan and its Hollywood adaptation, and in 2019 was invited to be part of the prestigious Vogue 100.

"This is me and I will never pretend to be someone I'm not," she said. "I will not live my life unhappy no matter how things get. I will fight for what's right in my heart and I will use all the love I know for a purpose. Life is too short, people... You never know."

Following the viral tweet criticizing her "new normal" fashion, several fans of Evangelista came to the actress' defense, with many of them pointing out that she has used her celebrity for various causes, notably animal's welfare, and other charitable initiatives amid the coronavirus crisis.