Baron reacts to 'RIP Baron' posts, says there's some 'truth' to them


Posted at Jun 05 2018 07:56 PM


With a photo of him holding up a broadsheet dated June 4, 2018, Baron Geisler made it clear Monday that he is "very much alive and grateful" amid a new round of "RIP Baron" posts circulating on social media.

The controversial actor, who actually turned 36 on Tuesday, was all smiles in the photo he posted on Facebook. In its caption, he also wrote: "Please do not believe the fake news that I'm dead. Ibig sabihin lang niyan, mas hahaba pa buhay ko. Much love!"
On Twitter, the former "Tabing Ilog" star quipped that there may be some "truth" to his rumored death, saying that perhaps it was his "old self" who died.

Geisler, a self-confessed alcoholic who has figured in several public brawls and has been accused of harrasment in recent years, has said he continues to address this personal struggle.

Most recently, on May 30, he shared that he has been seeking help, writing in a Facebook post: "Recovering from addiction is hard but possible if I am willing to accept that I have a problem which is alcoholism that made my life unmanageable. I just have to work the steps because it works if you work and do it a day at a time.

"By God’s grace nothing is impossible and opportunities are limitless if I totally surrender and take it seriously. I can do all things though Christ who strengthens me."