'You're really special to me': DJ Loonyo admits falling for Ivana Alawi


Posted at Jun 03 2020 05:14 PM

MANILA – DJ Loonyo has cleared a non-showbiz girl after some netizens dragged her name as the reason for the supposed falling out between him and actress Ivana Alawi.

In a report by entertainment website PEP, DJ Loonyo allegedly clarified through an Instagram Live broadcast last May 27 that a certain Claire has nothing to do with him and Alawi.

"First of all, bago pa 'yung Ivana na series, bago pa 'yung boyfriend prank, me and Claire were already exchanging messages. She's a good mother and all. Masarap kausap si Claire. Totoong tao. She knows all things in life too," he said.

While they were constantly talking, DJ Loonyo stressed that all he wanted to be was Claire’s close friend.

"I took that responsibility and started inspiring her, and started exchanging a lot of good things for her to a point na pwedeng ma-misinterpret and all. But I have no plans to commit. Never ako nagkaroon ng plan para mag-commit. Kaya nga ako pumunta dito sa China is because I need to pursue my career and all. So, ginawa ko 'yun,” he said.

DJ Loonyo said it was in early April when Alawi entered the picture.

According to the social media personality, he and Alawi became close after his participation as the actress’ pretend boyfriend in a prank on her mother that sparked what has now been dubbed "Loovana" online.

He also admitted falling for the actress subsequent to that.

"Nung nag-message na si Ivana, 'Ganito, ganyan... maganda 'yung challenges mo.' The feeling was really different. Kahit nagme-message kami ni Claire, the feeling was super different. I can't understand the feeling — 'yung kilig, 'yung pakiramdam," he said.

"After that boyfriend prank, talagang nag-uusap kami araw-araw. She was consistently helping me with a lot of things na hindi ko alam. She taught me a lot of things especially with YouTube," he added.

As time went by, DJ Loonyo said Alawi became his top priority.

“She's very special to me. To a point na kapag nagme-message siya, automatic talagang masayang-masaya ako mag-reply. Kahit ultimo one line lang message niya, ang haba ng reply ko sa kanya. You can't hide what you feel,” he said.

Because he already developed feelings for the actress, DJ Loonyo said he eventually decided to cut ties with Claire.

"Maybe that second week of April, I think I decided to cut things for Claire, kasi bumalik siya... Basta I can't tell it specifically. I see it as an opening or a hole, na parang, 'Let's end it here.' Any conversation, wala. Kasi tinutulungan ko siya mas maging better version ng sarili niya. Ini-inspire ko siya na she can do more. Bumalik siya sa ganun. So, okay. From that time, malinis. It was just Ivana all throughout," he said.

According to DJ Loonyo, he never used Alawi for fame.

"I never used Ivana. Not even a single minute na intention na gagamitin ko si Ivana. Kapal ko naman. Never ako nanggamit ng tao. Para what? Para sumikat or para makuha 'yung gusto ko? Never ko inisip na ginagamit 'yun. Alam ni Ivana 'yan," he said.

Although they became close, DJ Loonyo said it is unfortunate that they no longer talk to each other as much as before.

"I believe Ivana unfollowed me not because of Claire. But it's because of what happened first — 'yung one week na hindi ako nag-message for my stupid reason. Nakakabobo rin talaga 'yung pagmamahal, guys, sa totoo lang,” he said referring to a time when they did not communicate with each other for a week.

At the end of his Instagram session, DJ Loonyo said there’s no one else to be blamed in all this except him.

In hindsight, DJ Loonyo said it was wrong of him not to tell Alawi about Claire and vice versa.

"Wala naman ibang ihe-hate dito kung 'di sa akin kasi sa akin naman nanggaling ang desisyon. The mistake was from me. It happened on that moment. There's a reason why it happened on that moment. I mishandled it, I understand,” he said.

DJ Loonyo then asked for forgiveness from the two women.

"For Claire, I'm sorry to drag your name in this. I'm sorry that people dragged your name because of me. And for Ivana, for causing a lot of trouble in you. Know that I just love you. Know that you're really special to me. Know that you're really important to me," he said.