'Not to bash DJ Loonyo': Vice Ganda shares medical info on COVID-19 testing from frontliner sister


Posted at Jun 03 2020 07:43 PM

MANILA — In sharing medical information about coronavirus testing on Wednesday, comedy superstar Vice Ganda clarified that the intent is "not to bash DJ Loonyo."

Comedy superstar Vice Ganda (left) shared medical information about COVID-19 testing, citing his doctor-sister Tina Viceral (right), in light of viral comments from DJ Loonyo branding the procedure as 'not 100% proven.' Instagram: @praybeytbenjamin

Vice Ganda was referring to the viral remarks of the TikTok star about COVID-19 mass testing — saying the measure is "not 100% proven," a case of "trial and error," and supposedly involving ingestion.

DJ Loonyo, who has a sizeable following on social media, drew flak for spreading misinformation. He apologized on Wednesday, saying he mixed up terms, when he meant clinical trials.

On the same day, Vice Ganda took to Twitter to share detailed information about the conduct of COVID-19 testing, with screenshots of a text exchange with his sister, Dr. Tina Viceral.

Dr. Viceral, MD, FPSO-HNS, who specializes in otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, throat), has been directly dealing with coronavirus patients.

"This is just to correct 'yung mga maling chika about COVID tests. I asked my sister for enlightenment," Vice Ganda wrote, as he tweeted in succession his sister's replies to his questions.

Their conversation touched on whether testing requires ingesting something (no), the methods of PCR and rapid testing (the former involving swabbing, the latter, blood samples), which procedure is more accurate (PCR), and whether either risks any side effects (neither).

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