Jinri Park fires back at bashers criticizing her husband


Posted at Jun 03 2020 11:26 AM

MANILA — South Korean television host and model Jinri Park fired back at bashers who have been saying nasty comments about her and her husband John, whom she married in a Korean wedding ceremony last year. 

On Instagram, Park addressed accusations that she married John because he’s rich. The former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate stressed that she loves her husband “for simply who he is.” 


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"If you ever comment something mean about my husband or say things like he must be rich, I’ll block you. Not that I have to explain to you but he's the best partner for me who is an employee of a company where he works very hard for to earn a living. I love him for simply who he is,” Park wrote in the caption.

“Maybe I’m not as shallow as the other people you judge me to be, going for looks, status, money or whatever shallow reason. He’s an amazing husband and I will not tolerate anyone who judges him. You don’t know anything about him,” she added.

Park also said she is waiting patiently for their "official" wedding day when "I can have my family from Korea, friends from the Philippines and we can all finally hug each other again."