Is JoshLia over? Julia talks of heartbreak and ‘peace’ without mentioning Joshua


Posted at Jun 03 2019 09:28 PM | Updated as of Jun 04 2019 11:16 AM

Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto film a scene in their 2018 drama series ‘Ngayon at Kailanman.’ Instagram: @juliabarretto

MANILA — Did Julia Barretto just confirm her rumored breakup with Joshua Garcia?

This was the question among fans of “JoshLia” after Barretto appeared to hint at having ended her relationship with Garcia, as she answered questions in the latest vlog of fellow actress Erich Gonzales, her best friend.

The format of the episode had Barretto responding with true or false to statements, and then expounding.

When asked whether she is “in love right now,” Barretto appeared to be taken aback. Pausing to gather her thoughts, she went with “true.”

However, she explained: “I am very much in love with the peace I have gained just recently. It’s not with anybody… Sorry, I’m not trying to say I’m not in love with anybody. I’m just in love with the peace that I gained.”

Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto pose for photo booth snaps in this Instagram post dated June 28, 2018. Instagram: @garciajoshuae

Without mentioning specific names, Barretto shared that the process involved letting go of certain people to prioritize her well-being.

“Minsan may mga nakakasama ka na hindi mo na alam na iyon pala ‘yung nag-di-disturb ng inner peace mo. There are some toxic people na you still entertain in the hopes na, sana hindi siya ‘yung nag-di-disturb ng peace ng peace mo.

“Sometimes you have to come face-to-face with reality and with the fact na there are some people who really disturb that peace. It takes a lot courage and strength to acknowledge that fact. Sometimes you have to choose ‘yung pangmatagalan, your own good, ‘yung nakakabuti sa soul mo,” she said.

Pointing out that feeding her soul can manifest positively in her behavior, Barretto admitted there came a time when the “toxic” presence in her life affected how she would treat others, too.

Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto share an affectionate moment during the actress’ birthday party in March 2018. Instagram: @garciajoshuae

“Naranasan ko ‘yung ang bigat-bigat na ng na sa loob ko na parang feeling ko ang sama ko na sa ibang tao. Nag-re-reflect. They don’t understand what’s happening to you. Ako naman, alam ko naman kung ano’ng nangyayari, but I don’t want to come face-to face with the truth,” she said.

Barretto went on about finally finding peace, specifically mentioning different people in her life, with the exception of Garcia, comments on the video noted. To long-time JoshLia fans, the exclusion of Garcia was a stark contrast to the couple’s vocal admiration of each other, as well as their openly affectionate behavior which at one point made headlines.

“Now, I have peace,” the actress said. “It’s been good at work, it’s been good with my friendships with other people, and my relationship with my family. Sila ang unang-unang makakapagsabi if you’re being yourself. For a while kasi, hindi na ako myself. So now, I’m in love with the person that I am, that I found.”

Throughout the 25-minute video, Barretto did not once mention Garcia, even as the topic of marriage, trust, and heartbreak came up.

For instance, Barretto put up both the “true” and “false” signs, in response to whether she wanted to get married before age 30, sans any reference to her onscreen partner of nearly three years.

Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto film a scene in their 2018 drama series ‘Ngayon at Kailanman.’ Instagram: @juliabarretto

Barretto, 22, said she has gone through different “phases” when it comes to the topic, explaining, “Sometimes I fear marriage, may mga times naman na I believe in marriage, but it depends really who you’re surrounded with and by.”

“If ikakasal ako sana talaga before 30. Twenty-two ako ngayon. Six years from now, I can get married. Pero I’m really mas nag-lu-look forward to have a baby. Dream ko talaga maging mother,” she said.

Barretto had a spirited response to being called a “heartbreaker,” saying, with emphasis, that that is not the case, contrary to what she acknowledged as a wide misconception.

“Wow, false ‘yan! Kasi ‘yan ang palaging tingin sa akin ng mga tao — ako ‘yung nananakit, when in fact ako ang palaging nasasaktan. Ako, when I love, I love 100%, with all my heart, all my mind. Grabe ako magmahal. Atsaka kahit sinasaktan ako, forgive! Chance, ganyan.

“Pero lahat kasi ng tao may sagad tayo, e. May hangganan tayong lahat. Kaya minsan, ‘pag nasasaktan na ako, ta’s patuloy pa rin akong sinasaktan, sa akin na nanggagaling na, ‘Please, huwag mo akong sagarin.’ Kasi ‘pag love mo ‘yung person, you’re protecting something na na build, e,” she said.


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Barretto went on: “Pero ako rin ‘yung type of person na ‘pag sinagad na, ‘pag ubos na, ‘yung wala nang natira sa akin, one day I’ll wake up, alam ko na sa sarili ko na ubos na ako.

“‘Pag sinabi ko nang, ‘Ubos na ako,’ there’s no more turning back. Wala nang natira sa akin, kasi ibig sabihin nu’n, lahat-lahat na, nabigay na. That’s why you learn to save some for yourself, para hindi ka ubos, may natitira para sa ‘yo.”

Barretto was also candid in admitting having “trust issues,” without citing specific instances. It was, however, an aspect of her relationship with Garcia they admitted fixing in April 2018, amid a controversy involving a viral image showing the actor privately messaging another woman.

“I try, pero may crack na siya, e. No matter how much you fight for things to be the same again… Minsan makakalimutan mo for a while. Everyday siyang battle sa heart mo, sa totoo lang, when you’ve been betrayed. Ikaw ang ubos talaga diyan,” Barretto said.

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On whether she can manage being friends with an ex-boyfriend, the “Between Maybes” star answered in the affirmative, because “I don’t like carrying anger, bitterness, or some angst towards somebody na minahal ko, na pinasaya din naman ako, na inalagaan ako, at inalagaan ko rin, at minahal ko rin.”

“It’s just sad, ‘diba?” she went on. “You meet somebody one day na they become your everything, and then one day, maging nothing. It’s a sad thought. To me, protect at least the friendship you were able to build.”

“Sa mga experience ko, ‘yung breakup naman naging smooth siya, e. Mini-make sure ko talaga na smooth, kasi nga ayokong nag-ki-carry ng galit. Sa akin lang, ‘yung pagiging civil, ‘yung nakakapag-carry pa kayo ng conversation na walang plastikan na nagaganap. Posible, e… Civil, kaya ko talaga ‘yun,” she said.

If indeed Barretto and Garcia are no longer together, as rumors allege, keeping “civil” will be useful for the two, as they’re set to appear together in the zombie apocalypse film “Block Z.”

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