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Stephen King's dark story becomes horror film in 'The Boogeyman'

Yong Chavez | TFC News Hollywood

Posted at Jun 01 2023 10:27 PM

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The short story that gave readers nightmares when the light is off and when the monsters lurk in the closets is now on the big screen in "The Boogeyman."

Horror master Stephen King wrote the original story that became the basis for the horror film.

The story revolves around Sadie, a teenager whose family is devastated by grief after the loss of her mother. The Boogeyman feeds on grief and suffering.

Rishing Hollywood star Sophie Thatcher plays Sadie. The actress has also gained notice for her acclaimed TV series "Yellowjackets."

Sophie Thatcher plays Sadie in "The Boogeyman," the film adaptation of Stephen King's short story. (20th Century Studios “The Boogeyman”)

"It was definitely heavy," said Thatcher on her role. "She's in such a distinct stage of grief that I think is very different from other stages because she's so keen on becoming close with her mom even though she can't."

The actress had to deliver not only on the emotional scenes but also on the rigorous demands of the film's action scenes.

"It's something that you just have to learn," Thatcher added. "You have to learn to be very in tune with your body as an actor, or else it just doesn't translate."

She added: "I think projects like this have really helped me because you just have to be in tune with your body. It's very physically draining. And I think halfway through, I was like: Okay, I can't go without wearing knee pads."

"The Boogeyman" also stars Chris Messina and Vivien Lyra Blair.

(20th Century Studios “The Boogeyman”)