Anne Curtis gushes over her 'cutest photobomber ever'


Posted at Jun 01 2023 09:26 AM

MANILA — Anne Curtis delighted her social media followers when she shared on Instagram a cute moment with her daughter Dahlia. 

As seen in her latest post, Curtis was posing for the cameras to shoot promotional ads for a luxury brand when Dahlia entered the frame and adorably disrupted the process.

Wearing a shark onesie, Dahlia went straight to give her mom a kiss on the cheek. In another photo, Dahlia stood behind Curtis and hugged her.

“’It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die.’ Cutest photobomber EVER,” wrote Curtis in the caption of her post.

Her husband Erwan Heussaff was also smitten by the moment that he commented, “Never not in costume,” pertaining to their daughter.

Curtis and Heussaff welcomed their first child in March 2020, when pandemic lockdowns first swept the globe as COVID-19 cases grew exponentially.

At the time, the new family was based in Australia, and had to wait another year before returning to the Philippines to resume their careers here.

Just recently, Curtis said she is slowly easing into giving her daughter more freedom, as the global health crisis continues to ease.

"I think one of the things na kakalmahan ko — at feeling ko makaka-relate ang pandemic mommies — ay ang pagiging praning mom."

"Siyempre, life is moving forward. We should give our children a little liberty to enjoy life as well," she said.