MNL48 member to star in live-action adaptation of Japanese manga


Posted at May 30 2019 10:43 PM

Abby Trinidad (center) is going to star in an indie Japanese movie based on the "Seikimatsu Blue" manga. Her co-MNL48 members Brei Binuya (left) and Coleen Trinidad (right) will also feature in supporting roles. MNL48

Maybe it's not far-fetched to assume that this was not the kind of movie Abby Trinidad, a member of idol group MNL48, had in mind as a kid whenever she dreamt of acting abroad.

Though having said that, it's also difficult to deny that a Japanese indie featuring an eldritch creature that stands up against school bullies sounds like an extremely fun project to be part of.

This Thursday, Trinidad was confirmed as the lead star of of an upcoming live-action adaptation of a Japanese manga titled "Seikimatsu Blue."

She was picked from the small group of MNL48 members who flew to Japan earlier this year to audition.

Other members Brei Binuya, Coleen Trinidad, and Kay Ishiyama were also cast in supporting roles.

"Bukod po sa singing and dancing, forte ko po talaga ang acting kaya sobrang natutuwa po ako," Trinidad said of getting the lead part. "Sobrang laking blessing siya."

She added that the biggest challenge for her and her co-stars now would be learning how to properly deliver their lines, given that the movie will be shot in Japanese.


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They will be flying next month to Japan to start filming, according to the announcement posted on MNL48's website.

It furthered that the movie will be shown in the Philippines as part of an independent film festival in December.

A promotional image featuring the lead characters of 'Seikimatsu Blue.' Hirota Shintaro

The movie is going to be directed by Japanese director Tetsuya Hashi, who has worked with Trinidad and the other MNL48 members when they shot the music video for "Talulot ng Sakura."

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"Seikimatsu Blue" is written and illustrated by Hirota Shintaro.

Little is known about the manga other than it hinges on its supernatural premise about a bullied girl and her oddly shaped (but extremely powerful) monster friend.

A promotional image for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the manga, "Seikimatsu Blue," showing off the eldritch creature that plays a pivotal role in the story. Hirota Shintaro

Here is the movie's official website.