WATCH: Anne's shocked, envious reaction to Boy meeting Gong Yoo


Posted at May 29 2018 01:30 AM


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Anne Curtis, a superstar with legions of fans willing to go great lengths to meet her, knows by experience how it's like to do precisely that, as she too is a self-proclaimed "fangirl" of another superstar.

Her idol and ultimate crush, K-drama actor Gong Yoo, was the starting point of Curtis' obsession with Korean pop culture, she recalled in an interview on "Tonight with Boy Abunda" that aired Monday.

Curtis, 33, shared that it was during a Sunday movie night at home with her husband Erwan Heussaff, when they randomly decided to watch "Train to Busan," the popular zombie flick starring Gong Yoo.

Her "crush" on Gong Yoo, who she had just discovered through the movie, soon snowballed into being a "fangirl" who could finish an entire K-drama series in a day or two. Now she also appreciates K-pop and follows the likes of BTS and EXO.

Asked about the most "outrageous" thing she has done as a K-drama fan, Curtis recalled a time when she went to Hong Kong with former "It's Showtime" co-host Kim Atienza, who had been scheduled to interview Gong Yoo, in the hopes of meeting the actor.


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They, however, were ultimately disallowed by organizers to have two interviewers, and Atienza, the originally scheduled host, was the only one allowed in to sit down with Gong Yoo. Curtis, for her part, ended up just using the tickets she had already bought to the grand fan meet of Gong Yoo in Hong Kong.

Responding to Curtis' anecdote, host Boy Abunda casually mentioned he's had the chance to personally meet Gong Yoo. 

The actress' instant reaction -- a mix of shock and envy -- got laughs from the studio.

"Tito Boy, are you serious?" she asked, before listening intently to Abunda's impression of Gong Yoo, and at one point sighing, as if regretting she has yet to get up close with the one actor she's become a fangirl for.

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