Cornerstone exec defends Moira: 'Stop invalidating work of a hardworking woman'


Posted at May 28 2023 10:32 PM | Updated as of May 29 2023 07:50 AM


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MANILA - Cornerstone Management Vice President Jeff Vadillo came to the defense of Moira dela Torre, discrediting the allegations made against the singer.

In a lengthy post on social media, Vadillo addressed a Facebook post that is making the rounds online and supposedly casting shade on dela Torre’s integrity as an artist and songwriter. 

Although Vadillo refrained from explicitly mentioning the individual responsible for the post, he expressed his inability to remain silent in the face of all the accusations leveled against dela Torre.

“As a witness to her hard work and genuine talent, I cannot take this sitting down. This person claimed a ‘FUN FACT’ (which is really not fun at all) that 95% of Moira’s hits were composed by Jason Marvin. Paubaya, Ikaw at Ako, Pabilin, EDSA, Patawad, Kumpas, Babalik Sayo, Saglit, and the list goes on. Then he added the question kung sino ang manggagamit?” Vadillo wrote.

Saying this statement is “grossly inaccurate,” Vadillo explained that it is already public knowledge that it was dela Torre’s estranged husband, Jason Hernandez, who composed “Paubaya” and “EDSA.”

The other songs, however, were a collaboration between the former couple, Vadillo said.

“Ikaw at Ako, Pabilin, Patawad, Kumpas, Babalik Sayo, Patawad, Kumpas were composed by both by Moira and Jason (Moira even gave a bigger contribution to some of those songs). So as far as these songs are concerned, walang gamitan. Tawag diyan collaboration,” he said.

“And collaborating with one another does not make Moira any less of a powerhouse songwriter. Saglit is composed by Moira not to mention the entire Malaya album which includes the mega hits Malaya, Tagu-Taguan, Take her to the Moon and Tagpuan,” he added.

Vadillo also emphasized the significance of dela Torre's debut album, saying it served as a catalyst for her career and propelled her into the spotlight.

“With that in mind, I would also like to add that in the almost 20 years I’ve known Moira, she would never need the service of a Ghostwriter for her songs/Compositions (which this other person is claiming na tumawad pa daw si Moira to the tune of 20k). Masyado genius si Moira to need that,” he said.

“Why would she pay when she is more than capable of doing it herself. Hindi pa siya sikat, sumusuka ng Songs after Songs si Moira. Doon sa nag sabi nun - are you implying na mas magaling kang songwriter kaysa sa kanya?”

Concluding his statement, Vadillo appealed to the author of the viral post, urging him to cease discrediting the efforts of a hardworking woman. He emphasized that dela Torre does not deserve such treatment.