Paolo, Miguel Guico of Ben&Ben open up on difficulties as twins


Posted at May 28 2022 08:44 PM

Photo from Karen Davila's vlog
Photo from Karen Davila's vlog

MANILA – They may be close to one another but Paolo and Miguel Guico of Pinoy folk pop band Ben&Ben had a fair share of struggles growing up as twins. 

In an interview with Karen Davila, the Guico brothers shared the best and the challenging parts of being born as identical twins. 

Paolo admitted that he experienced difficulties being compared to Miguel, especially with his bigger body figure. 

“Sa aming dalawa, I was the one who struggled more with it. Kumbaga sa magkapatid pa nga lang merong comparison, paano pa kaya pag identical twins,” Paolo said.

"I grew up feeling na there's a constant need to prove myself. Sa aming dalawa, ako talaga yung mas malaki nun.”

But despite the persistent comparison coming from their family and friends, both singers took pride in having each other, boasting how tight their bond is. 

“Sobrang priceless din kasi pagdating naman sa aming dalawa, there are things na kami lang nakakaalam o nakakaintindi. Solid talaga kami,” he added.

Miguel echoed the same sentiments and even recalled how he and Paolo used to play when they were kids as if they had their own world. 

The two also revealed that they are somehow different in many aspects as Paolo is more assertive but Miguel is good on people. 

For Miguel, who is 45 seconds younger than Paolo, having a twin brother felt like having a literal other half. 

“Meron kang physical other half na you literally are talking to half of yourself. Mawala na ang lahat I know someone's got my back. Kahit anong pagsubok, kahit ano pa yan. I know na laging nandyan siya for me,” Miguel said on his brother. 

Paolo also returned the kind words, saying how his brother accepted him for who he really is without any pretensions.

“Tanggap niya ko for who I am. Mahirap makakilala ng taong ganun like embrace who you really wala kang dapat baguhin sa sarili mo para masabing tanggap ka nung taong yun,” he said.

Ben&Ben is set to stage a new concert towards the end of the year.

The still untitled show, which is the first Filipino concert to be promoted by Ovation Productions, will be held live from the CCP Open Grounds on September 3.

Ovation Productions also said this will be Ben&Ben’s send-off concert prior to their eight-city US tour.