LOOK: Angel Locsin rappels down a building for 'General's Daughter'


Posted at May 28 2019 01:20 PM

MANILA – First, she had to hang under a moving truck. Now, she rappels down a building.

In both instances, Angel Locsin refused to have a stunt double for her scenes for the ABS-CBN primetime series “The General’s Daughter.”

Just like the first time, Locsin reaped words of praise from her fans, but also worry from some, when she did the rappelling.

Some of her supporters were thinking of her past back issues that forced the actress to back out of the lead role in the planned "Darna" movie adaptation. 

Nonetheless, it seems like their concerns were unwarranted as Locsin looked perfectly in good shape as depicted in the behind-the-scenes photos shared by Dreamscape’s Eric John Salut.

The most recent episode of “The General’s Daughter” sees Rhian (Locsin) launching her own plan to bring her adoptive father Tiago Guerrero (Tirso Cruz III) to justice.